As a doctor, we can help you with your licence to practise medicine in Germany, the so called “Approbation”. Our service contains:

 • Support with the application procedure in order to get the medical licence (Approbation) and/or a provisional medical licence (Berufserlaubnis)

 • Evaluation of the doctor’s situation in a one-on-one interview (1 appointment, via Skype or in person). This includes topics like the doctor’s objectives regarding further training possibilities (place of work, medical specialty etc.) and the preconditions for the issuance of the medical licence (Approbation) or the provisional medical licence (Berufserlaubnis), in consideration of the differences in the German federal states. This evaluation is free of charge in case the customer books our service afterwards. Otherwise, we will charge 75,00 € per hour

 • Pre-check of your documents (university diploma and degree course scheme, CV, …)

• Support during the whole application process both in your home country and in Germany. We will permanently keep in touch with the authorities and provide information about every step you need to take to get your medical licence. We help compiling all necessary documents and keep the customer informed of the respective validity periods.

• Accompanied visits to the authority responsible for the issuance of the medical licence to submit your application in person and to seek individual counselling once you have arrived in Germany. Furthermore, we either help finding a translator or you charge us with the translation of all your documents (not included in our price!).

• Support finding an internship («Hospitation») in a German Hospital in consideration of your individual wishes and your medical specialty.

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